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Angel is fun to be with and so knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Las Vegas and this is why I am so sure of having you enjoy everything in this whole city. From the most passionate theme park, to the liveliest bar and up to the most expensive restaurants and hotels, I know where to ride with you and make you get the best fun you will ever find. I love what I do as a Las Vegas escorts girl and stripper and maybe I can share my talents and make you happy, simply by making myself available as your escort and companion. Giving you pleasure gives me great pleasure as well. I love meeting men like you and showing them an awesome time in Las Vegas. I make every effort to be your idea of a fantasy girl and I want to make you forget all your troubles and enjoy your Las Vegas trip to the fullest.

I love it when you show how romantic and naughty you could be. My perky boobs and nipples are all your but I will only allow you enjoy me to the fullest when you are respectful and humble like I am to you. Try this out; I will massage you with the best of NURU massage styles using all parts of my sexy erotic body to massage you. Imagine my boobs and hard attention nipples massaging all over you and my naked butt massaging your lap; this fantasy may not happen fully with any other but with me I am set to spoil you so that your life will be colored with fun, joy and fulfillment as a man.

Holy holy; damn it, I forgot to tell you where the coolest and hottest part of the show is? I know that you will think that your room is the hottest place and that’s because you will have the most fun there. I get to show you all of me there. I know you are going to like what you see. Turning you on is my main goal in your room and I will not fail at making you cry for more and be rest assured that you will get all you crave. You will like my innocent look and the naughty way I move my body in our private time and this is why I want to be your Las Vegas escort so all my naughty moves can be just for you. I want to get you alone so I can show you all I’ve learned as an escort.

When we get to your room; just leave me to be in charge. I will take you to the bathroom and we will both start from there with a very warm bath together. Drinks will be cool as we will be sipping some of it and whispering to each other’s ears saying naughty things that are erotically and sensually provoking. In the room, I will do a cheer and dance for you naked and while you are lusting at me, I will rock on you and have you connect your naked body with my nude body. The electric current of love just begins when I start writhing around rubbing my body against you and you are lost in cloud nine.

I know Vegas so well and I know what you will like and this is the perfect combination and reasons to guarantee that you will be satisfied with me. I go out of my way to show you the best time possible and I don’t think I have ever been on two Las Vegas escort dates that were the same. It’s always full of surprises and new adventures and that’s because I am totally adaptable and flexible – a total fun girl to be with. I can’t wait to show you everything I’ve learned about pleasing a man. It is already a lot of fun living in Las Vegas, but going out with men like you makes it even more fun. I can really be myself and show off my talents. I have a feeling you are going to like my talents a lot.

You won’t know or can tell how supple my body is until you hold it against your body. I have many specialties and I am always willing to try new things. I want you to go home knowing that you chose the best escort in Las Vegas and I won’t stop until you are 1000% satisfied and everything you have ever dreamed about will be happening right there in your room. You don’t have to think or fantasize about this affair any longer because right this minute if you take action by reaching out to me, you can make it a reality today. All you have to do is contact me now and I will dedicate our time together to pleasing you in every way. My true desire is that I want you to have a better time than you have ever had or hoped for in Las Vegas.

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There are so many important and fun things we can do together in Las Vegas and I can’t wait to get started as your escort because with me as your Las Vegas escort, the city is at your disposal. Remeber when I said I love to travel? Well another place I love to visit is Texas, but only because the escorts in Houston are crazy party girls and I have an incredible time every time I go out there. I love to bring back the party to you, or maybe we can go there together? When I am your Las Vegas escort, the list of cool places to party and ride is long. And the wild things to achieve in the room are awesomely waiting for us. Let’s get wet together, please call me up now as am already waiting for you. Come take me away today.