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Hi there my name is Angel and I am sexy and beautiful with the best of skills to make your Las Vegas trip unforgettable. I love being a Las Vegas escort and it shows. So let me become your Las Vegas companions girl tonight. I am the amazing companion you seek with tasty legs, perky boobs and sexy ass for your pleasure. I love travels and am available to come to your private location throughout Las Vegas by appointment. I am experienced with the sensual and erotic skills you seek, ensuring you reach heights of bliss during our time spent together. I accommodate girlfriend and massage play and whatever pleases you!

A relaxing companion, very quiet but naughty and can be talkative if you like, and with the ability to hold a relatively intelligent and perhaps amusing conversation on a variety of subjects. I enjoy all forms of sensual play and like to center all of my mental energy on what my partner desires. I am an easy ride simple girl…. Our time together will be at a location you feel comfortable with and not one I provide, but if you want the extra spoils then I can show you around. If I were to put a price on my time, I would say a million dollars or more (smiling) of my priceless valued erotic company and because you’re just the kind of guy that I would like, you’ll have the proof of your kindness in a cute romantic get-together affair.

I am all natural, soft skin, enticing smile, personable attitude, a very true extrovert, shy with you maybe because you would love my wild naughty shyness, very funny, intelligent, insatiable, sensual, energetic, super feminine, and always seeking to please. These are some of the words that come to mind when asked to describe me and if you are seeking the ultimate GFE with an escort companion type, then look no further as my captivating personality and energetic smile along with my tantalizing curves, will sweep you off your feet and land you in the world of romance, fun, pleasure and happiness. Let me cater to your every desire, whether it is a night out on the town, or a more intimate setting.

I enjoy any and everything dealing with the arts and sports and even business. I have a varied taste in music ranging from jazz, blues and anything from the 70’s and on. I love good perfume, mainly prada’s collections and I’m an avid shopper at stores; so if you need to shop too while outing, trust me to help you make nice choices. I expect my gentleman (you) to be well established, respectful, with an exclusive and selective taste to life.

I am one of the most extraordinarily open minded, adoring, sensual girls direct to you. I am an easygoing babe with full sensual and erotic energy that includes a wicked sense of humor tailored to your fantasies and desires. I have of course light, soft skin and long, thick, luscious hair - no extensions here! I have big, lovely eyes that are telling of my thoughts and full, sought-after, oh so kissable lips. I am the vision of a real woman - Raw, sensual and erotic.

Your involvement starts once you contact me. I am sweet-natured and will put you at ease within seconds of your coming. I offer a distinctive experience and I tailor my offerings to meet your needs. I also take wardrobe requests from you to guarantee that your every anticipation is met and your ultimate fantasy fulfilled and I assure that you’ve never met anybody else like me. You will soon see that I am truly one of a kind. Completely very sensual, seductive girl, I am your perfect companion. Being a Las Vegas escort, I get to experience all the best Las Vegas hotspots on a consistent basis. I love the challenge of staying current on all the new places I can take you to and I always think about satisfying you the moment you call.

My accountability and obligation for your pleasure starts when we set up a time to meet. All my beauty, my personality and my tight and supple body are all for you. As long as I am your escort, you can play with me all you want. I do want to say I travel a lot, its one of my favorite benefits of this amazing job. I love to visit the strippers in Miami Beach to keep up on my beach body and learn new tricks to bring back to Vegas. My preferred part of being a Las Vegas escort is seeing the look in your eyes. I can’t wait to grasp that look of delight on your face. I am prepared to take you in my arms and party with you at the best spots in Las Vegas. Nice clubs, parties, events you wish for me to accompany you to, whatever time you are ready.

We can go back to your room and if you knew what was going to happen there, you might want us to head back early. The time we spend in your room is my favorite part. We can finally be alone where I can show why I’m such a great Las Vegas escort and stripper as I will strip dance all over you. We can start with a couple drinks, switch to some music and we will see which of my skills you like the most. When I am completely nude, I give you a lap dance that you will never forget. After that, the night depends on what turns you on the most. I can give you a massage that makes your fantasies come true and you don’t have to imagine any longer, because you are living your fantasies. Words can keep rolling about me, but if you want to know and play the reality of your lifetime blended with pleasure, then come on, call me now. I deliver quality to well-mannered, professional, mature minded gentlemen looking to indulge their desires with an exotic sensual and erotic beauty like me – your loving sexy Las Vegas escort.